What qualities must a fabric, used for awnings, have?

This type of fabric must comply with the following parameters: colour fastness / resistance to light and atmospheric agents / rot-resistance / dimensional stability of the awning / resistance to atmospheric contamination / air permeability / water-repellency / design protection / protection against UV rays / ease of maintenance / self-cleaning finish / manufacturer’s warranty.

How many types of fabrics with solar protection exist today?

There are many different types of fabrics in the market. Sauleda can provide all the available types:

  • Acrylic fabric: fabric with 100%-solution dyed acrylic fibre. With this technique the heart of the fibre is impregnated with colour, obtaining bright, light-resistant colours for a very long period of time.
  • Panama (Plus) acrylic fabric: a luxury fabric with a 2×2 weft that is heavier and thicker than normal acrylic fabrics. The fibre is also 100%-solution dyed, which keeps the colours bright and resistant to light for decades.
  • Polyester fabrics: fabrics made from fire retardant polyester fibre, 100% solution dyed for outdoor use.
  • Technical coated fabrics: for solving the problem of waterproofing in damp atmospheres and extreme weather conditions, the Technical coated fabrics offer the perfect response.

What does 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre mean?

100%   solution dyed acrylic fibre is a dying process that impregnates the heart of the fibre, obtaining bright, glowing colours. The coloured pigments impregnate the polymer dissolution before the fibre is formed. This gives high resistance to wear, excellent colour fastness, optimum resistance and exceptional behaviour in outdoor conditions and in the presence of micro-organisms.